Huntkey will repair or compensate, at its option, the equipments or those loss max to 1,000,000.00USD, which is caused by the quality of power strip, while all equipments properly connected through a Huntkey power strip to a properly wired AC power line. All the lines of equipments must be properly connected and installed.

This Connected Equipment Warranty is a limited warranty, subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth herein within 3 years warranty of Huntkey.

The fair market value of the equipments shall be the current value of the equipment specified in the most recent edition of the Orion blue book by Orion Research Corporation, Roger Rohrs Publisher and the value of the loss over 5000.00USD will be evaluated, investigated, and decided by the insurance company of first before compensation made. The insurance is a kind of protection especially to the house property.

Huntkey reserves the right to review the damaged Huntkey power strip, the damaged equipments and the site where the damage occurred. All costs of shipping the Huntkey power strip and the damaged equipments to Huntkey for inspection shall be borne solely by the purchaser. Hunkey reserves the right to negotiate the cost of repairs or compensation. The cost, if any, of shipping the equipment to and from such repair facility and of such estimate shall be borne solely by the purchaser, damaged equipment must remain available for inspection until the claim is finalized. Whenever claims are settled, Huntkey reserves the right to be subrogated under any existing insurance policies the claimant may have. All above warranties are null and void if: Huntkey power strip in use during the occurrence is not provided to Huntkey for inspection upon Huntkey’s request at the sole expense of the purchaser, Huntkey determines that Huntkey power strip has been improperly installed, altered in any way or tampered with, the damage did not result from the occurrence or that no occurrence in fact took place, the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, or Huntkey determines that the connected equipment was not used under normal operating conditions or in accordance with any labels or instructions. All Huntkey power strip must be plugged directly into the power source and must not be“daisy-chained” together in serial fashion with other power strip, UPS, other power strip cord. A three-to two-prong adapter may not be used. Any such installation voids the warranty. The Huntkey Connected Equipment Warranty and insurance only protects against damage to properly connected equipment where Huntkey has determined, in its sole discretion, that the damage resulted from an occurrence, and does not protect against force majeure such as flood, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft, normal-use wear and tear, erosion, depletion, obsolescence, abuse, damage due to low voltage disturbances (i.e. brownouts or sags), non-authorized program, or system equipment modification or alteration. If you are using an AC power strip only that does not have phone, net-work, or coaxial protection, the warranty is null and void if a power disturbance damages your equipment through the phone, network, or coaxial lines. You are only covered if the disturbance entered through the AC lines.* Please be noted: This product is not for use with aquariums and all other water-related products. Use only indoors and in dry locations.

This warranty contains the sole warranty of Huntkey and INSUREANCE MAX 1,000,000.00USD covered by insurance company if any loss caused by Huntkey power strip.

This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. All damage claims against the product must be made within 15 days from the date of the occurrence and must be accompanied by receipt for the damaged equipment or the warranty is void.

Please download the Claim Form and ask your seller to forward the form with relative info filled to the distributor of Huntkey for processing.


  1. The part marked in blue shall be filled by the distributor of each country
  2. The part marked in red shall be filled by the claimer

Download the Claim Form:

/Claim Form.doc