Industrial power supply units include PSU that converts AC to DC voltage, DC to DC voltage converter and PS for monitors or laptops, etc.

Huntkey provides new MVP series PSUs mostly for gaming. It incorporating various high-quality components using more than 500W power supply. It also provides 86% efficiency at typical load.

An Industrial Power Supply (IPC) assures protection of your machinery from unwanted damages. An IPC supplies power at a controlled pace by managing electric current fluctuations. We bring you a wide variety of IPCs with advanced technology. Our IPCs are equipped with features like auto-control fan speed which regulate heat emission. Our IPCs have 3C, CE, CB, and other relevant certifications providing adequate support to OVP, OPP, SCP, OCP and UVP protectors. They are an ultimate solution for power management through advanced technology.

Huntkey Green Power EN450 delivers a maximum output of 450W power supply and is mainly useful for mainstream and basic computing systems. Built with quality components and dual +12V outputs, fit to handle high demands for power requirements, the efficiency can reach up to 80% at a typical load. It uses a 120mm intelligent fan which can reduce fan speed and lower noise.

Huntkey HK 701-11 PEP PSU, has a rated power of 600W power supply and input is 90~264V and has the following specifications

1. Complies with SSI EPS V2.93 specification

2. Suitable for 4U /ATX Form-Factor

3. Full range input, Active PFC

4. 80MM ball bearing fan with smart control circuit

5. Multi-protection: OVP, OCP, OTP, UVP,OPP,SCP

6. High efficiency, High reliability and high quality capacitor

7. Low ripple and low noise

8. Multi-safety Certification: CCC

9. Support SATA Disk Array

10. Widely used in network server, IPC, VOD, diskless servers