• Three USB-A ports (5V2.4A combined)
  • Four American outlets
  • Cable: 5Ft long with US plug
  • Surge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Flame retardant material
  • MAX1875W-MAX15A/125V
  • ETL & FCC Certified


SMC407-01 SMC407

Magic Outlet SMC407

Your Convenience Is Our Priority

SMC407-02 SMC407

Can Be Mounted Together for Increased Functionality

SMC407-03 SMC407

Handy for Daily Use and Travel

SMC407-04 SMC407

4 AC Sockets & 3 USB Charging Ports
Compatible with Different Devices

3 USB charging ports are sharing 2.4A of power

SMC407-05 SMC407

All-round Protection & 3-year Warranty

Protects your devices from surges and spikes

SMC407-06 SMC407

Integral Copper Bar

• Improves product durability & safety
• Reduces heat buildup to save energy

Why Copper?

The highest conductivity except silver
according to International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS)

SMC407-07 SMC407

Flame Retardant Material:ABS

• Able to withstand high heat & temperature
• Anti-fire solution that you can rely on

Overload Reset Switch

Ensures complete protections for you and your devices

SMC407-08 SMC407

Product Dimensions

SMC407-09 SMC407

Durable Power Cord

Thicker heavy-duty cord for durability,
safety & energy-efficiency.