• Four powered USB ports (8 AMP Combined)
  • Max 2.4A output for each port
  • Two micro-USB cables on the bottom
  • Replaceable AC power cable
  • Complies with UL, CE & C-tick
  • 3-year warranty

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SmartU_01 SmartU SmartU_02 SmartU SmartU_03 SmartU SmartU_04 SmartU SmartU_05 SmartU SmartU_06 SmartU

Since the introduction of electronic devices, cable wires has been a part of our lives. They are required to add battery life to the devices and ease out our functioning. The power supply is essential and thus adapters and chargers are kept handy all the time. With various devices, comes a lot of wires and thus creates chaos at a workstation. USB chargers have been a huge hit since its introduction and have given people an edge-cutting solution to long chords and wires.
SmartU is one such intelligent product by Huntkey that is specifically designed, keeping in mind the latest requirements and needs of people.

Huntkey is a globally leading producer of high-tech products which are dedicated to bringing out a revolutionary change in the computer industry. We, people, are getting smarter and thus need to add products that are driven using smart technology. This product is one such revolutionary step in the forward direction. This latest addition in the Huntkey family is popularly known as Smart Charger and with its sleek design, it has grasped over a large market in no time.

Clustered and chaotic workstations usually lower productivity and toys with the concentration power. Add this smart charger as your desk essential and go luster free instantly. The design is one factor but performance tops all other factors while picking out a tech-driven product. It is highly compatible with almost all kinds of devices and is an attractive buy.

Rest back assured as SmartU is one of the best performing and power efficient product till date.

We aim at making your convenience our priority and thus create high performing, faster and unique products available at your doorstep.