100W Single Output

  • International full ranger voltage output
  • Single voltage output
  • Multi protection: OVP, OCP, OTP, UVP,OPP,SCP
  • LED indicate power supply status
  • Natural air cooling
  • 100% full-load burn-in test
  • High efficiency and high reliability
  • Lead free, 3C CE CB certification
  • Two years warranty

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The power supply unit market is competitive and the users demand exceptional quality products. With recent technological advancements, the electronics industry has seen a revolutionary change. The power supply has always been an issue of concern and users are exposed to various kinds of innovative product existing in the marketplace.
Huntkey being a leading name in the industry is known to serve its customers with high-end electronic products and other variants. We at Huntkey, aim to create a space for customers that not only speaks optimum utilization but ensures performance and safety. Power supply units have always been in demand since the introduction of the computer industry and a reliable power supply unit is crucial to its survival. They ensure smooth functioning and validate their existence.
Huntkey’s 100W single voltage output is another groundbreaking discovery. It is a single voltage output unit and is a highly reliable and efficient product. With International full ranger voltage output, it is designed to exhibit exceptional performance. Our motto is to deliver nothing but the best device and undoubtedly it is the best 100w single output supply unit prevailing in the marketplace today.
The additional feature of status LED light has given it due to credits and made it an exceptional buy. Power supply units must be reliable and keep safety as its prime priority. This lead-free product is equipped with multiple protections ensuring protection to any kind of electrical spike and fluctuations and comes with two years warranty eliminating the risk of any kind of damage. Buy 100W power supply online from Huntkey and experience power and superiority.