SHENZHEN, China, July 25, 2017 — Nowadays, we all have multiple devices to charge, such as smart phones, tablets, smart watches and media players, and the number is increasing. If charging several devices simultaneously, It will be inconvenient to charge each device with an individual charger, since it will leave clutter.

Is there a perfect solution for multi-device charging? It has to be elegant, fast and energy-efficient but without clutter. The answer is yes. Huntkey USB charging station SmartU is the best solution for you. It is designed with four USB ports and two extra built-in Android charging cables, which is able to charge up to six devices at the same time to reduce your outlet needs to a single outlet.

Culture Inspired: Art Originates From Life

Huntkey SmartU is more like artwork rather than a charging station. Its appearance design is inspired from Chinese ink brush holder, which is usually used with ink brush together in Chinese calligraphy and painting. The ink brush was invented by the Chinese a long time ago, and now Huntkey inherits its traditional culture by creating the SmartU.

Smart Charging: Smarter, Faster & Safer

An intelligent experience to use during your daily life no matter you are at home or in the office. Applied with the smart USB charging technology, Huntkey SmartU can adapt the charging rate to reach a revolutionary charging speed, making charging faster and safer than the traditional USB charging hubs.

Hands Freeing: Your Convenience Is Huntkey’s Priority

Huntkey is inspired by its commitment that brings customers a convenient life. With cradle ledge design, SmartU is able to totally free your hands while you are enjoying movies or chatting with your friends on the phone.

Cable Decluttering: Tidy Desk, Tidy Life

A must-have for a neat and tidy desk. If you charge multiple devices by using a power strip, and it will be bulky as each individual charger is running a separate AC to DC transformer. SmartU can keep you away from the inconvenience by decluttering charging cables. With this little companion, your life will be becoming more orderly and enjoyable.

High Compatibility: Compatible With Different Devices

No matter charging smart phones, tablets, or media players, it will be made more straightforward by SmartU. It will bring you a ground-breaking charging experience.


Number of USB Ports 4
Number of Micro-USB Cables 2
Input 100~240V, 50Hz/60Hz 1.0A
Output 5V 8A in total
Each USB Port Output 5V 2.4A Max
Length of Micro-USB Cables (built-in) 16cm / 6.3inch
Length of AC Power Cord 100cm / 39inch
Safety Standard CE, UL, C-Tick
Note: USB cables are not included, except 2 built-in android charging cables.

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