Travel Power Adapters

Travel has become one of the most important industry in recent times. Every Tom, Dick & Harry is now travelling around and calling themselves as a traveler, explorer wanderer etc and why not with dropping air fares and affordable travel options, leisure aka hospitality industry has seen a boom and rightly so also helping other auxiliary industries in their growth. Most important and handy travel gear for every professional traveler or travel content creator is the travel adapter, the power source for the high gadgets used to document their travel. In this blog we would be taking you through all the important points one should take into account while going for the purchase of a travel adapter. In case you are looking for an online purchase of travel adapter with detailed specifications list then you are the right place. Huntkey is one of the leading online stores for all sorts of electric and electronic equipment for daily as well as travel use.

Why Travel Adapter is a handy Gadget for every Globe Trotter?

Every globe trotter is heavily packed with the latest gadgets of the 21st century namely action cameras, DSLRs, drones etc to document each and every moment of their journey. However, with every new country comes a new challenge of power source, frequency in Hz, voltage, plug points, etc. To address this big problem for the travelling crowd, noble human souls have come with the solution in the form of a travel adapter. If not then you are most welcome to take the risk and ensure your drone is grounded without any shot of the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

Variations in Standards of the Below Mentioned Points

The below mentioned points are where variations normally occur making way for the use of travel adapter.

  1. Current
  2. Voltage
  3. Frequency
  4. Outlet & Plug Shape


AC and DC are the two types of currents the world runs on. Edison favored DC while the former was preferred by Tesla. But in most countries’ AC was preferred as it had the capacity to be transferred to long distances from their power stations. However, many devices till date still run on DC. For example, the power brick used in laptop charger is solely used for the purpose of converting AC into DC. In most of the developed and developing countries AC power supply is used barring few localities which are remotely located.


In simple words voltage can be defined as the force that defines the electricity or the force with which electricity travels. This is where the major difference is mainly felt for travelers. While the majority of countries have a standard rated voltage of 110V, some countries along with majority from the EU have a rated voltage of 220V. In such cases it can be catastrophic for your device if it gets a 220V pump up having 110 V capacity. This is where a travel adapter chips in to give the much needed help for every traveler.


This particular parameter only works for countries that have AC power supply. Frequency determines the rate at which the currents alternates itself in AC each second. Worldwide the frequency is set for 50Hz, however in some USA localities or rather in majority of the USA the frequency used is of 60Hz. Modern day devices other than any sort of timers do not have any direct impact on the variation of frequency.

Different Plug Shapes: A,B,C,D

Another important rather would say the most important point for having a travel adapter while travelling to a new country. The world comes in different shapes and sizes so are the different plugs. Each continent and country have their own plug size and shape. In modern day although its been majorly powered by USB revolution thereby adapting an universal shape still some countries do have their own plug shapes. The majority of the plug shapes are denoted by A,B,C & D types. All travel adapters listed in huntkey site are of global standards and are available for different plug shapes.

Other Cases

In some rare cases travelers might also need a power plug adapter but with universal acceptance of USB cables the need has been significantly reduced. In rare cases there might be a need of a step up or step down converter to manage the change in voltage and in very rare cases a DC converter.

It is always said united we stand and divided we fall. The problem with the adapters and different power types is the living example. In ancient times, countries started developing power but without taking into consideration universal compatibility. This problem became a serious issue in the age of globalization and thus led to the rise of travel adapters. But as of now most devices in modern times come with universal compatibility, if not then Huntkey has all sorts of travel adapter option for the traveler inside you.

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