Raise your hand if you have ever suffered from tangled cables!

Carrying long, heavy adapters seem archaic when the laptops and notebooks have become smaller and thinner. Repent no more as the Huntkey, the global leader of the electronic appliances have brought new, stylish and innovative mini adapters for your appliances.

Loaded with features and Huntkey’s smart innovations, they will bring new life to your laptop and notebook.

Let’s find out their awesome features at a glance-

Input voltage: 100-240VAC

Input frequency: 50/60Hz

Output voltage: 19VDC (±5%)

Output current: 0-2.1A

Efficiency: ≥84%

Ripple/Noise: ≤190mV

Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃

Stand by power: ≤0.30W

Size: 86 x 36 x 24.6mm (LxWxH)

Going beyond these basic features, Huntkey is also offering smart and innovative technical advantages with their mini adapters.

Supply power as per devices’ need:

Huntkey’s mini adapters are powerful and compatible with multiple devices.

On top of that, they identify the devices and based on devices’ need, they provide suitable power.

Currently, all major USB types are available in Huntkey’s mini adapter series which provides both flexibility and compatibility to you.

Save appliances from power surge:

Power efficiency is synonymous with the Huntkey. They truly champion this segment and with their latest mini series adapters, they have added another feather to their crown.

The mini series adapter will save your devices from inconsistent dip or surge in power.


They are convenient and super easy to carry, use and maintain. Small in size, light in weight and durable, Huntkey’s mini adapters will never give you headache.

At Huntkey, every product engineer is trying their heart and soul to offer the best technical solution.  Stay with the latest trend with Huntkey’s mini adapters.