Right Gaming Monitor for Your PC

Worldwide gaming industry is worth billions and with such high figures at stake gamers never compromise on the hardware used for their professional gaming matches. The world is also recognizing gaming as a full-time employment and earning opportunity rather than the just a free time hobby. Now let’s come to facts. Things might look simple but it’s easier said than done. Professional gamers invest a lot on their hardware and equipment to reach at the top. If you are one of those who is inspired to be follow their steps or stepping into this industry, then this is a must-read article for you. In this article we will be covering How to Choose the right Gaming Monitor for your PC, undoubtedly the most important investment a gamer needs to make.

  1. Selecting a Gaming Monitor– Physical Design, Shape & Size: While finalizing the design first take into account the space available at your desk for the same. You would never want a misfit, specially when it comes to a gaming monitor. Idle size would be 24”. After the size comes the shape of the design and shape. Flat screen monitors are slowly giving way to curved screen ones with better view and immersive experience. Remember your size shape and design of your monitor would have a great impact on your gaming experience. Huntkey a leading online electrical and electronics store based in USA has a collection of gaming monitors for all level of gamers depending upon the requirement, budget, size etc.
  2. Selecting a Gaming Monitor- Specifications: 3 specifications should always be taken care of while buying any sort of visual monitor for an immersive experience, native resolutions, response rate & viewing angle.

Higher resolutions ensure more information is packed into your monitor. Here the recommended resolutions size is of 1920X1080. A gamer always requires detailed information for successfully completing the missions. This where higher pixels or resolution play a key role.

Let’s take an example for a real war mission. You blink and you die. The same also goes for a gamer involved in this genre of gaming where even a delay of certain milliseconds can end the entire mission for you. Professional gamers probably would end up losing millions of dollars where the response rate of the monitor is not optimal. Even though there is no well-defined response rate but anything that ensures you take the headshot every time, probably a response rate between 2-5 milliseconds would be helpful.

This feature is most importantly relevant for television viewing or for motion graphics/movie viewing. Viewing angle is the angle from which if viewed, the quality of graphics appearing in te video doesn’t degrade. In most cases unless the display is curved or of high specs, moving away from the center of the display downgrades the viewing experience. For online purchase of gaming monitors visit HuntKey.com.

  1. Selecting Gaming Monitor- Which Panel Type to opt for?

For any professional gamer these terms are very much important before buying a gaming monitor. There are namely 3 types of panel technologies Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA) & In-Plane -Switching (IPS). The technical definition of the above 3 panel types might put you in a state of confusion so would directly suggest the advantages of the 3 panel types.

TN- Gives the best performance with slightly low image quality.

VA- Superior viewing experience with lower performance.

IPS- Recommended panel type and widely used by gamers worldwide. This panel type gives the best picture quality packed with superior performance.

  1. Selecting Gaming Monitor– Graphics Cards: For any PC or gaming monitor, graphics card is an essential feature. Most modern PC, laptops, gaming devices use AMDA Free Sync technology or NVIDIA G-Sync technology. The advantage of using such high-end graphics cards ensures a variable and faster refresh rate elimination screen/visual artifacts without affecting input lag.

The main difference between Free sync & G-sync is that the former doesn’t come with a royalty cost therefore the prices of monitor are not that impacted while in the later case monitor prices shoot up. Free sync works on HDMI and display port depending o the monitor whereas G sync only works on display port.

Now all you got to do is visit Huntkey.com search Gaming Monitors, compare specifications based on your requirement and order it now. The world is seeing gaming industry through a different lens with its immense earning capability, so don’t miss the chance making it your free time hobby.

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