Best Power Efficient Adapters

Power is amongst the most sought after topic in current times and world leaders are often fund debating and discussing the way forward to save and innovate on efficient power generation and utilization techniques and tools. One such tool which always comes to mind whenever an electronic component or device is considered is Adapter, an electronic device that is used to connect one electronic hardware to another where direct connection is not possible.

Types of Adapters in Market:

  • Wall Adapters
  • Travel Adapters
  • AC Adapters
  • DC Adapters
  • USB Adapters
  • Universal Adapters
  • Table Top Adapters

Adapters are known by different name from country to country and also based on their use or functionality. Some may call them as external power supply, plug pack, plug-in-adapter, adapter block, domestic mains, line power, power brick etc.

Why go for Power Efficient Adapters?

In a major power saving initiative, Former US President George.W. Bush called these electronic devices as Energy Vampires because of their ability to suck energy just like a vampire even in standby mode. This led to a major crackdowns and policy changes in making an adapters so as to adapt an efficient adapter usage policy. The above changes were strictly followed in EU and USA. They were namely called as Standby power and the One Watt Initiative.

Further research revealed that although adapters used by smaller electronic devices were less power efficient (20-30%) but in total they accounted for less than 5% of energy loss for a household. The major focus shifted to adapters used by medium to heavy electronic devices and make them 80-90% power efficient. This led to the introduction of Switched mode power supplies that are 80-90% efficient. Since the introduction of SMPS all linear design adapters have been replaced with the former.

Using power efficient adapters can also control climate change and reduce the amount of energy required to run a particular electronic device.

For Example: The power loss is converted into heat energy which heats up the adapter when in use for a longer period of time. Higher the loss faster the adapter gets heated. In such cases to ensure smooth functioning of the device for a longer duration external cooling equipment are used that uses extra energy, adds up as a cost factor as well as is harmful for the environment.  

Pretty much explained why the world needs to go for Only Power Efficient Adapters.

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying an Adapter

  • AC Or DC Adapter: The most important thing one should check before buying an Adapter.
  • Compatible in the Host Country: Globe trotters should always go for universal adapters else check the configuration of adapters used in host countries before buying one.
  • Tested & QC: After cases of explosions, extreme heating and power loss related problems, buyers should check out for seals or hallmarks or inspection authorities for a quality tested product.
  • Power Rating & Functionality: Electronic devices are not compatible to be used by a single use adapter so before buying an adapter for a particular device check the power rating, consumption, functionality, battery size and other configurations before selecting one.
  • Regulated or Unregulated: Based upon the type of use, power source, device etc make the decision of either to go for a regulated or unregulated adapter. When in doubt seek expert advice rather than using it and damaging the device.
  • Understand the maximum current requirements for your device in Amps.

Choosing a Adapter is not difficult as most adapters now days come with detailed information printed on their outer cell but selecting a power efficient adapter for your electronic device is a tough job. We at Huntkey ensure your adapters not only meet your requirements but also ensure an efficient an pocket friendly power supply.

Power Efficient Adapters from Huntkey

Huntkey a leading online electronic devices store in USA brings you a variety of proven quality and efficient Power adapters for different appliances and uses. You can surely get the adapter of your choice at Huntkey which has an assortment of compatible adapters.

Huntkey adapters are all in compliance with laid down guidelines and meet all energy requirements.

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