Multicolor Smart LED Light Bulbs of 2018

Wanting to amp up your home or work place decor using unconventional lightning solutions? You have landed in the right place!
Lightning is one of the major element of any decor and it not only illuminates the space but provides the accurate amount of attention to all the elements of the room. With the recent technological advancements, smart technologies have made its way into the lightning sector and brought a wave of revolution with intelligent devices. LED light bulbs have been a great hit ever since its discovery and with the additional features like Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are making these products an intelligent choice. 
We have handpicked an amazing collection of best multicolor smart LED light bulbs of 2018 to satisfy your lighting needs. The listed bulbs are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and are a smart choice when you are looking for smart color changing LED light bulbs that are illuminating and pocket-friendly.
Let us have a look at the few selected devices that are a great buy for 2018-
Flux WiFi LED Smart Bulb –
If you are looking for a Wi-Fi enabled multi-color LED bulb to look no further than this smart product. Flux WiFi LED smart bulb provides a wide range of color changing options and is an easy to use the product.  One can easily control this light bulb using a smartphone and can explore 16 million color choices from the large spectrum of color palette via RGB color code. Unlike other bulbs, this one gives you infinite color choices and is a smart choice to make. Once connected, one can control multiple flux lights at once and can sync it with music t create a magical aura in a setting. With a lifetime of almost 20,000 hours this product is a real deal breaker and is at the top of our list.
MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb –
MagicLight light bulb is another smart light bulb option in our list. This Bluetooth equipped smart bulb is a multi-colored option with LED lights making it an excellent choice for any kind of room setting. Control a single bulb or multiple bulbs at once by pairing it easily with the magic light app on your smart device and light up your patios, basements or any other low range areas. This product delivers optimal quality and offers sunrise and sunset modes making it a convenient option for both day and night time.
3. LE Dimmable 16W LED Light Bulb with 16 Colors-
Give your room a groovy decor with this multi-colored LED light bulb and save some hard-earned bucks with this lightning options. The LE dimmable color-changing bulb has a wide color palette including almost 16 color variants available for blue, red and green giving the space fun effect along with an option to satisfy your standard lightning needs with its white light mode. This product is our one of the best multicolor smart LED bulbs of 2018 and makes an attractive choice for people who are looking out for traditional lighting solutions. This simple light bulb is away from recent technologies i.e Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and can be controlled with the remote control that comes along in the package.
Boomile LED Light Bulb with 120 Color Options –
This product makes up to our list of best multicolor smart LED bulbs of 2018 due to its features and 120 color changing options. Boomile LED light bulb is a budget-friendly option and is easy to use. This product has a time function allowing the user to time the lightning modes and can be controlled using a remote controller and the user can easily change its color variants. The color wheel helps you choose your desired shade and can save up to 2 favorite shades on top for easy accessibility in the future.
5. Texsens LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker –
The name of the product says it all. Texsens LED light bulb is the most attractive choice present in the market is one of the best multicolor smart LED light bulbs of 2018.  If you are in search of a duo device that can produce illuminating lights and play your favorite music, then this product is your pick. Texsens Bluetooth speaker light bulb has 6W LED bulb and can emit up to 13 different colors which can be controlled using a remote controller. A user can sync the product with their smart device using Bluetooth and can groove to their happy tunes with a simple click. You can set the mood for any kind of party with custom lightning and synced speaker. Users have reviewed this product with 5 stars and have commented on the sufficiently loud voice and additional bass that comes with the device. This two-in-one combination device of mood lighting and a speaker is an amazing buy.
The above-listed products are efficient and made with high-quality materials. Lightning adds a charm to any home or workplace decor in so time and set the right mood for any kind of get together.