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The choice of an appropriate gaming monitor is a difficult task to execute. The selection of keyboards, mouse, and other PC peripherals are greatly influenced by personal preferences. However, the purchase decision of a gaming monitor is the foreplay of several factors. You need to consider the accuracy of colors, refresh rate and resolution. Durability is an important point to consider. Monitors of premium quality can serve you for more than five years irrespective of the purpose for which you use your desktop.

It can be quite remarkable to make the right selection amidst the several features, specs, and brands available in the market. Hence, the objectives of this writing are keeping things simple and make suitable recommendations for a gaming monitor. Thus, if you are probing for the best monitor present in the market or a more economical option, we have you covered. So let us dive together in the world of gaming monitors.

Acer Predator XB271HUA

A refresh rate of 144Hz and 2560*1440 resolutions makes the Acer Predator a suitable choice for ardent fans of PC games. It is a far better combination in comparison to the standard 1080p at 60Hz monitor providing a two-dimensional display. Hence, you can easily experience the benefits irrespective of the game genre. If you take into consideration high-end and mid-range gaming PCs, then the combination is not that outstretched. While playing a challenging game, you can rely on G-Sync.

The monitor is reasonably priced taking into account the features and accessories that come along with it which includes the adjustable stand, thin bezels, on-screen crosshair, game models, and blue light reduction, and more. If you are very particular about the image quality, then you can consider the IPS version of this monitor, i.e. XB271HU. It will cost you 20 percent more. However, it can serve you improved color accuracy and better viewing angles. On the other hand, for an economical option, you can choose the FreeSync XG270HU. Gamers who do not use an AMD graphics card and give a fig to G-Sync can preferably avail this option. Remember that with XG270HU you will not get a 165Hz refresh rate.

Samsung LC24FG73

If you are fond of multiplayer games then monitors with refresh rates higher than 144Hz will be making it easier when it comes to tracking moving targets and getting those headshots perfect. With this persistence in mind, we have chosen the Samsung LC24FG73 144 Hz monitor. It is constructed around a VA panel thereby offering superior color accuracy, viewable angles, and contrast in comparison to their TN counterparts.

The model renders FreeSync support, which is helpful in smoothing out lower frame rates that are typical of rigs and AMD graphic card. Considering the price, it is a touch expensive than the popular BenQ XL2411P. You will find this added cost entirely justified on the backdrop of the newer panel used. The 144Hz 27-inch monitors are available at a low premium. The 24-inch model for this category renders better value because it easily fits into your visual periphery and offers more picture clarity at 1080p.

LG 27UK650-W

It offers a modest 4K display at 27 inches. However, in that small frame, it is providing plenty of cool stuff. You will get support for FreeSync Tech from AMD.  It brings uniformity in frame rates on several gaming platforms like the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and gaming PCs equipped with AMD Radeon RX graphics card. Technically, the monitor has HDR capabilities, but the pre-existing limitations on optimum brightness may diminish visual effects considerably. Low input lag and accurate colors are added benefits of an IPS panel. Thus, at a price range of $500, it makes for an excellent choice.

Alternative options: With an expansive 32 inch diagonal the Predator XB321HK make good use of the 4k resolution. It is highly responsive even at lower frame rates thanks to the G-Sync support and IPS panel that provides excellent color reproduction. 4K gaming experience at a sustained speed of 60fps is a tough task which only the best graphics cards can support. Other exquisite features are a robust stand, good selection of gaming modes and features, stylish appearance with minimum bezels.

BenQ Zowie RL2455

You can enjoy a delightful gaming experience in the budget. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A low input lag, portable 24-inch span, a wide assortment of gaming models and features makes it an excellent option to consider. If you like playing first-person shooting games like the Fortnite and Call of Duty, then its black equalizer mode can brighten darker areas of the screen. It has numerous genre specific modes, which ensures that the monitor works well with other games also.

Alternative Option: The Acer KG251Q offers a refresh rate of 75Hz and FreeSync support. However, you will not get the beautiful gaming features of the BenQ monitor. However, it is more economical in comparison to the BenQ monitor.

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