LED Christmas Lights

It is almost half in the month December, and our spirits are taking a high as the Christmas and New Year Eve draws in closer. The anticipation of gifts, parties, and all the merrymaking to follow fills us with joy unspeakable. As the holiday season approaches, we take delight in decorating our house and flaunting our best looks. The pleasure you experience is beyond the description of words that you can only feel.

Those sweet LED lights adorning the Christmas tree are a treat to the eyes. It blends gracefully with the soft mellow weather of the last few days of the year, blessing us in the tender feeling of love and compassion, which are the essence of human life.
If you are making plans to get some beautiful Christmas LED lights this time around, please keep these 10 things in mind.

The Cost Factor
If I tell you that LED Christmas lights are touch expensive, do not get disheartened. Although you are paying more money upfront, it will benefit you in the long run. For instance, if you wish to decorate your rooftop with old incandescent lights, then you need to pay a monthly rent of $13.65. On the other hand, LED lights are going to cost 22 cents per piece. So decide for yourself. It is understandable that LED cost more because the individual components are hand assembled. Moreover, they need a special conducting material for heat dissipation. The addition of yellow phosphor to get a natural white glow also adds to the cost.

Cool to the touch
Safety is always a concern with decoration lights particularly if you have kids and pets around. However, with LED lights you will feel relieved to a great extent as they produce next to no heat. They are always cool to touch, so there is no risk of a burn injury.

No weather worries
It does not matter how cold it gets outdoor you will not have problems with LED Christmas light. When the temperature outside gets lower, LED lights to get better.

Their Durability Is Impressive
LED Christmas lights have high durability and have no peers. LED bulbs can work for more than 4000 hours at a stretch. Whereas, standard light string bulbs does not last for even half of that time.

Fewer Outlets More Lights
From a single electrical outlet, you can connect around four to five sets of traditional Christmas mini lights end-to-end. On the further side of the cube, you can join approximately 10 times more mini LED light strings together.

Single bulbs are replaceable
LED Christmas lights are durable, but they are not invincible. Sometimes, they do fail in a cluster or one light at a time. The good news is single replacement bulbs are available for several LED string light bulbs.

Stay away from blue LEDs
Few people are conscious of the fact that blue light from LED Christmas lights can wreak havoc on your cardiac rhythm. Hence, you may experience sleep disorders and depression. Exposure to blue light can make you feel nauseous, or you may get a headache. It is better not to adorn your Christmas tree in all blue.

Small Bulbs Vs. Big Bulbs
While mini LED lights are one of the most trending Christmas decorations but, the good old-fashioned big colored bulbs are making a comeback. The good news is they are presented in LED.

Getting the combinations right
When you use LED Christmas lights for decorating the exteriors, the evening is the best time to string trees with light strands plugged in. It is the best time to visualize the effect on the move. Bigger bulbs look awesome on evergreen trees, and the smaller ones seem serene on deciduous trees.

Cool White or Warm White
You can use the cool white LED lights outside to create a snow-white tone whereas the warm LED lights render a soft glow similar to the traditional lights. Hereafter, you can use them to decorate your Christmas tree.

If you compare incandescent with LED, then the latter proves to be a better choice. Yes, LEDs are expensive, but you need to keep in mind that they last longer. Hence, you do not have to shoulder the burden of recurring investment. The price difference gets nullified as you can use it for three to four years.

LED bulbs are an energy efficient option. They consume only 10 percent of the electricity that is required to light an incandescent bulb of similar power. Incandescent bulb uses a filament that produces light once heated. Around ninety percent of the energy consumed is wasted in the form of heat.

Being made from lightweight glass, Led bulbs are less vulnerable to breakage. Although incandescent bulbs produce, brighter lights, you can attach more Led lights per string. Thus, it gets all even as far brightness is concerned.