SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 03, 2018 — New year, new big offer! Huntkey, a global leading provider of power solutions, is holding a new year sales campaign which is valid until Jan. 31, 2018 in Kazakhstan to offer its final consumers a big surprise – Buy PSU and Get Car Charger for Free.

special-offer-in-kz New Year's Offer from Huntkey in Kazakhstan

After many years of presence in Kazakhstan, Huntkey has become a renowned brand in the local electronic industry based on its high quality and affordable prices. From Dec. 22, 2017 to Jan. 31, 2018, Huntkey will continuously deliver its values to its customers by offering a car charger for free as a gift when the customers buy a GS series PSU. During this period, many stores, including e-shop “Belyi Veter”, will participate in this sales campaign.

Gaming-Power-Supply New Year's Offer from Huntkey in Kazakhstan

Huntkey GS series PSUs are 80 Plus certified, with solid and reliable performance to provide gamers with a unprecedented gaming experience. They are built with high quality components able to support high-end CPUs and graphic cards. Also they are are equipped with a 120mm temperature control fan, which is capable of operating smoothly without friction to provide a silent gaming environment.

Huntkey CarMate S102, the car charger which is given as a gift, is elegantly designed and well suited for charging of mobile devices. It can deliver fast charging speed to a vast range of electronic devices, and protect the devices from voltage drops, over-currents, over-temperatures and short circuits.

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