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MVP 500
  • Huntkey new MVP series PSU means Most Valuable Power for gaming, incorporating various high-quality components, ranging from 500W to 600W, and therefore will always accommodate any mainstream build under any circumstance. Smart cooling fan delivers silent cooling with intelligent temperature control. Powerful single +12V rail design enables non-stop usage with stable and reliable performance.



    1. 86% efficiency at typical load

    2. Complies with Intel ATX 12V V2.31&EPS 12V V2.92

    3. Full range input voltage: 100~264V

    4.Active PFC (PF>0.99)

    5. Erp Lot6 Ready! The standby mode consumes less than 1W when the +5VSB is less than 0.1A.

    6.The PSU fan still works for 60seconds after the computer is powered off  in order to cool off the internal components.

    7.40/45A powerful single +12V output delivery (up to 90% power available on +12V rail) for gamer

    8. Hybrid cable management  for clear interface

    9.Multiple protections (OVP,UVP, OPP,OTP,SCP) prevent damage from accident