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    • It has a built-in polymer lithium battery, so it is environment-friendly and efficient, and has a long life.
    • It is ultra-thin, so it has a beautiful appearance and is easy to carry.
    • It has two USB outputs, so it can charge two digital products at the same time.
    • It has multiple protection: OVP, OCP, OTP & SCP, so it is very safe.

    Light status

    • After a digital product is connected, the power bank will automatically begin to charge it.
    • After the digital product is unplugged, the power bank will automatically stop charging.
    • When the power bank is charging a digital product, the lights remain lit.
    • When there is still electricity, each light indicates about 25 percent of the full capacity.
    • When there is no electricity, no light will be lit after the button is pressed.
    • When the power bank is charged, the blue light will twinkle; after it is fully charged, all the lights will be lit.


    • Digital equipment with different types of output interfaces can be charged through the charging line.
    • The power bank can be charged by the Mini-USB interface through the charging line.
    • Two USB outputs -- charging two digital products at the same time;
    • Charge all 5V electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, MP3/MP4/MP5, GPS, etc.
    • Slim design with 10.4mm thickness -- easy to carry;
    • Intelligent -- monitoring and displaying remaining power;
    • Built-in IC of OVP, OCP, OTP & SCP to protect your electronic devices;
    • Durable -- charging and discharging time ≥ 1000.