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Huntkey FX500SE Power Supply Reviewed by diit.cz

Exclusive: Huntkey FX500SE in Europe

1.9.2013, 00:00 | autor:
rubrika: Hardware, Zdroje

A platinum power supply, the chinese Huntkey FX500SE, finally arrived after few months of talks. After czech version of the review, which came first, here is also the international one.


Being the first one who obtained the chinese Huntkey FX500SE gives me unique opportunity to review this platinum power supply and all the changes, which have been made after my suggestions. And which also delayed the PSU for several months. Original (czech) version of this review is published here as three-part series.



So, what is this wonder exactly? The FX500SE is 500W power supply with the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. It has undergone certification as Jumper X7 500 and later was renamed to FX500SE. Thanks to my intervention, the PSU should be completely filled with high-quality (japanese) capacitors only. Recommended selling price has been (also thanks to my stimulus) lowered to 135 USD. That is 27 cents per watt so we are in high-end segment of the market off course (high-end starts at 0,15c/W according to my allocation), however the price is very competitive among other Platinum power supplies, especially low-wattage ones. So the question here is, how is it going to stand in qualitative evaluation not only component and built quality wise, but also under load tests.




The packaging of the power supply, or more precisely, the box itself, was hiding first unpleasant glitch for me. It is more of a cosmetic problem, but thing like this just can not happen to high-end product… there was no 80 PLUS certification on the box, as long as 80 PLUS Platinam certification does not exist. I have reported this problem to the manufacturer immediately and as I have been told, problem fortunately does not affect many supplies in the first batch and it should be supposedly corrected in the next one. I am not to evaluate this by the means of points of course, this is only matter of the manufacturers reputation thus it should be enough to score off Huntkey.




The box itself is made from average cardboard and is not filled with any nonsensical follies which would only increase it's price. But it has a handle which may be useful, that I evaluate by a half of extra pont. The power supply is encased by sawn pieces of cardboard and packed in a bubble bag. The power cord inside the box will probably not be much of use to me, I haven't really seen this type of plug in my life before :-)



Next to obligatory manuals, there is also set of velcro belts for cable management for which I add another half a point. It is useful piece of equipment and is actually better than plastic wrap belts which cannot be (easily) unzipped and re-used.