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Huntkey FX500SE Power Supply Reviewed by Benchit.kz

"When was the last time when you saw PSU from Chinese manufacturers with «honest watts», and of high efficiency? Huntkey FX500SE with 80 Plus Platinum certificate is just that very case. High-quality element base with modern technologies has allowed engineers of the company to create a product that competes with more expensive PSUs of the other manufacturers. The level of noise even under maximum load is barely noticeable and won`t detract from your favorite games.

Can we recommend this PSU for gamers? The answer is clearly –«Yes!», but for average gaming systems. For computers with two and more video cards you should pay attention to high-end model of FX series.

At the time of writing this article, Huntkey FX500SE has not yet appeared in the market, but the price is expected to be 150 $. Unfortunately, it`s impossible to check 80 Pus Platinum certificate of Huntkey FX500SE, but we trust manufacturer`s word.


[+] 80 Plus Platinum certificate
[+] Low level of noise
[+] Minimal voltage oscillation (up to 2%)
[+] Quality of assembly
[+] Low price (in comparison to the other PSU with 80 PLUS PLATINUM certificate)


[-]Not modular power supply unit
[-] Short cable EATX 24Pin
PSU Huntkey FX500SE with 80 Plus Platinum certificate receives the award «Recommended».
The author expresses his gratitude to Huntkey for the provided power supply for testing

Author: Andrei «md5» Tyan"