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Huntkey Launches the First Tea Maker

Shenzhen, China, June 27, 2016 - Huntkey, a leading global power solution provider, is releasing its first tea maker. The advent of the tea maker declares that Huntkey is making its inroad into appliance industry.



China is the birthplace of tea, and tea is also a representative of Chinese culture. The origin of tea can be traced back to the ancient times, and it flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties, then it spread out to other countries. Now tea has become one of the most popular drinks in the world. In recent years, many researches suggested that tea can offer protection against many diseases. For example, green tea has been proven to reduce heart disease and ginkgo biloba tea has a positive effect on cardiac cerebral disease.



The tea maker is an auto tea station that is dedicated to making tea that tastes good and is packed with nutritious properties. Tea can be washed, cooked, brewed and poured automatically by the tea maker by one press. And, the brewing time and temperature can be set different according to different teas such as green tea, black tea and dragon well tea to keep the tea delicious and packed with nutrients. Once brewed, the tea can be kept at 80 degrees Celsius to keep the good taste.



Besides brewing tea, the tea maker can also be used for coffee making and milk brewing at the most appropriate temperature, and can keep boiled water at 55 degrees Celsius for convenient drinking.


"The most favorable characteristic of this product is that it is convenient and safe to use, it's an ideal choice both for daily life and office use," said Ferris Liao, the global sales director of Huntkey.





About Huntkey
Huntkey Enterprise Group, founded in 1995, is a professional provider that specialized in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of PC power supplies, industrial power supplies, surge protectors, adapters, chargers, etc. The industrial parks of Huntkey in Shenzhen, Heyuan and Hefei, which cover a total area of over 750,000 square meters, are now the largest IT manufacturing base in mainland China. Huntkey, with over 15,000 employees has set up its branch companies in the USA, Hong Kong and Japan. Its clients are found all over the world in more than 50 countries and regions. The main clients include Lenovo, DELL, Huawei, Walmart, Bestbuy and so on.
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